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Program of the International Choreographic Competition "New world"


27 Oct

Arrival in Berlin. Shuttle service (extra charge) – Schoenefeld airport-Hotel Park INN

Accommodation in hotel

5 pm – Participants meeting at the conference hall of hotel for accommodation.

6 pm – Dinner (hotel restaurant)


28 Oct

7-8 am - Breakfast (hotel restaurant)

8-8.45 am – Approbation at the concert hall of the Russian House of Science and Culture. Friedrichstrasse 176-179, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 2030225

9 am-6 pm - Opening ceremony of the International Competition of Dance "New world’’ / Competition, Judging

7 pm – Dinner (hotel restaurant)


29 Oct

8-9 am – Breakfast (hotel restaurant)

10 am- 2 pm – Master-class of jury members in various fields of choreography. You must be registered in advance on the website artlira54.ru

3-5 pm - Rehearsal for the gala concert.

6 pm – Awarding ceremony

6-8 pm  – Gala concert of International Dance Competition "New world" with participation of stars of ballet of Siberia

8.20 pm – Dinner (hotel restaurant)


30 Oct

08.00-10.00 – Breakfast (hotel restaurant)

10.00 – free time (sightseeing tours, museums visiting, shopping)

31 Oct

Departure. Shuttle service (extra charge), Hotel Park INN -  airport Schoenefeld



Package price calculated for the participants and groups, separately.

Package includes:

1. Transfer from airport to hotel and back (price depends on the number of people in group)

2. Accommodation in double rooms of the hotel "Park INN" - the price for room per night: € 98.00 double room, including Breakfast

€ 74.00 for a single room including Breakfast

City tax: € 4.50 per room. Porterage In/(one way): € 4.00 per person

3. Meals: Half Board (buffet): € 19.00 per person and day for dinner or lunch

4. Registration fee (price depends on room type and number of alleged dances)

5. Excursions and entertainment

Package costs approx. 350 €


The project 
Constantly follow the news on the website artlira54.ru

 NEW WORLD is a competition for young dancers from private and state schools

‘New World’

    Competition organizers
1.    Creative Union of Cultural Professionals and Artists “LIRA”
2.    With support of (See the future accurate information)
     2. Aims of competition 
2.1. To find and support high-potential dance groups working in different dance genres, to provide them an opportunity of public self-expression.
2.2. Popularization and development of children's and youth's choreography and dance abilities, inspiration of dancemakers (‘ballet-master’) creations. 
2.3. Stimulation of improvement of the pedagogical skills of dancemakers as well as increasing a performing level of the dance group participants. 
2.4. Strengthening of professional and creative contacts among dance group leaders and dancemakers
2.5. Exchange of choreographic and pedagogical experience.
    3. Organization and procedure of competition.
3.1. International Dance Competition “New World” (hereinafter – Competition) is held on October 28th – 29th, 2017 at the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin (Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur in Berlin) 

Applications will be accepted until October 5, 2017

Download the Application form here

Applications accepted before September, 1, 2017 will receive a 10% payment discount. 
3.2. Youth choreographic troupes, amateur teams, aerobics studios, artistic gymnastics, shaping, acrobatics, club dance groups, ballet-shows, soloists working in all forms and genres of stage dance are invited to participate.
The contest show will be held on October 28th - 29th , 2017 from 09:00 a.m.
Gala concert and award ceremony will be held on October 29th, 2017 at 18:30 p.m.
At the end of Competition the round table with the participation of jury members will be held.

 Charity to support the talented performers of dance.
The entrance to the concert hall for audience is competition for tickets. The ticket costs 5 Euro . The ticket is valid for whole day of competition. (Entrance ticket) Tickets can be booked on site artlira54.ru in feedback. Writing: a ticket contest entries, and tickets for the Gala concert with participation of stars of ballet of Siberia 30 euros. Tickets can be purchased on race day when you enter the concert hall. For participants of the festival the entrance to the concert hall for free

    3.3. Participation can be presented in the following categories (genre): 
“Children's story-playing dance” – for children aged from 4 to 12. Play form dance of any genre with a children's theme.
“Contemporary choreography” – contemporary dance, modern;
“Street choreography” – hip-hop, break-dance, pop locking, electric;
“Neoclassical dance” 
“Classical dance” 
“Folk dance” – stage dance based on folk choreography.
“Pop dance” 
‘’Jazz dance” 
“Stage ballroom dance” - dance composition based on the canons of ballroom choreography with dramatic art;
“Sport dance” – cheerleading, cheer-sport, mix-show;
 “Original genre” –. plastic etude, acrobatics, juggling, antipode, juggling, clowning, etc.
All kinds of circus genres are allowed except those connected with air and fire. 
Circus groups are offered to perform a circus composition.
    3.4. Nominations:
“Solo” – dance of any category in solo performance; the duration of the dance composition not more than 2.5 minutes
“Duo” - duet dance in any of the categories performed by two people; the duration of the dance composition not more than 2.5 minutes
“Small forms” – dance of any category in performance of 3-5 persons; the duration of the dance composition not more than 3 minutes
“Dance groups” – dance of any category in performance of 6 and more persons; the duration of the dance composition not more than 3.5 minutes
“Big forms” – a play from 15 to 40 minutes

  3.5. Age categories:
from 4 to 6;
from 7 to 10;
from 10 to 12;
mixed age from 4 to 15
from 12 to 14;
from 15 to 17;
from 18 to 25.
from 25 to 35
mixed age from 10 to 20 
Involvement of participants from other age categories is allowed and can be no more than 20% of the total number of participants. Age of participants can be checked during the competition. Every group can take part in any nomination, dance and age categories. Duration of dance composition should be no more than 4 minutes.
3.6. Deadline for applications (Appendix 1) is October 5th, 2017. There is a payments discount 10% if the application was sent and fully paid before September 15th, 2017. Applications are filled in for each age group and each dance category, separately. Applications are accepted vie e-mail: liskusstvoira@mail.ru.
Reservation of accommodation and city transfer are organized by request.
3.7. Competition is held by anonymous evaluation of participants' performances. Each dance composition is assigned a sequential number. During the competition a presenter announces the nomination, age category, sequence number and dance title only. 
3.8. Entrance to the concert hall for the competition audience is by tickets only. Ticket is valid during the whole competition day. Tickets can be bought in advance by request vie email or just before the entrance to the concert hall. Participants can enter the concert hall by invitation tickets which will be issued upon the registration.
3.9. At the end of each age category competition the participants will be photographed.
3.10. Technical requirements:
Soundtracks should be on CD or USB stick high-quality recorded. Mini-disks are not accepted. CD disks or USB sticks should be packed in an envelope indicating group name, performance title, application number and track number. Envelops with soundtracks are collected by coordinator during rehearsals, or can be given personally to a sound man.
3.11. All rights to photo and video are reserved by organizers of competition. Any amateur video recording is strictly prohibited. Uploading of any amateur videos to social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Vkontakte) and other websites is strictly prohibited. 
3.12. Participants under 17 years old must provide parental consent for participation in the competition (during registration procedure at the day of competition). Sending party bears responsibility for the life and health of the Competition participants. Each participant must have medical insurance. 
3.13. In the competition fees are not included any insurance. The organizing Committee is not responsible for accidents or theft during the events of the festival in the halls or outside of them. 
3.14. All participants who need German visa must provide a list of teams for a visa no later than August 15, 2017. All listings in print and by email in Word Document - name (in Latin letters) passport number , date of birth ,
    3.13. Jury
Dance compositions are evaluated by competent jury from among the authorities of arts and culture sector. Jury members are appointed by the organizing committee of Competition. Jury members may vary due to the dance category.
Dance group heads participating in the Competition cannot be among the jury members.
3.14. Dance composition evaluation criteria: skills and technique of performing dance elements; compositional dance structure; correspondence of the repertoire to the age peculiarities of performers; selection and correspondence of musical and choreographic material; artistry, unveil of artistic image; stage image (calisthenics, stage outfit, property, performance culture).
    3.15. Awards.
All participants will be awarded certificates for participation. 
According to the jury evaluations dance compositions in each age category rated 1st, 2nd , 3rd places are awarded “Diploma Laureate”. Dance compositions rated 4th, 5th, 6th places are awarded “Diploma”. 
Soloists, duets will be awarded with diplomas and medals
Participants or dance groups who scored the highest points from all the dance compositions are awarded “Diploma Winner” and are presented a Winner Cup.
For example:
The first dance group that puts on the competition two of the dance, and won the best prizes, you can get a maximum of 100 points. And the second Dance group puts on competitions of the three dances may receive a maximum of 150 points. In this case, the Cup will be given to the team with the most points. And so the second dance group.
By the jury decision “Diploma Grand Prix” of the competition may be awarded. 
The jury has the right to award not all places and to share the prize places between several participants.
The organizing committee can prepare letters of thanks for sponsors, heads of the institutions of sending parties by request. 
    3.16. Financial terms.
Arrangement fee for participation in the Contest is ( participation fee for one person):
in “Solo” nomination – 40 Euro for one dance composition; the cost of the second and next compositions in each age category - 35 Euro.
in “Duo” nomination - 50 Euro for one dance composition; the cost of the second and next compositions in each age category - 45 Euro
in “Small forms” nomination - 55 Euro for one dance composition; the cost of the second and next compositions in each age category - 50 Euro.
in “Dance groups” nomination - 60 for one dance composition; the cost of the second and next compositions for a group  in each age category - 55. Euro
in “Big forms” - 80 Euro. ( participation fee for one person): for one dance composition.
Payments can be made for cash and on bank account. After receiving the application the bank details for payment on account will be sent to each participant.
Application is considered to be accepted when at least 50% (in case of non-cash payment) and 100% (in case of cash payment) of arrangement fee is paid. After that each applicant will receive electronic confirmation for participation from the organizing committee.
Applications accepted before September, 1, 2017 will receive a 10% payment discount. 
Refund of already paid arrangements fees is possible in the following cases:
if the organizing committee is given a notice 4 weeks before the Contest show - 50% of fee,
if the organizing Committee receives the notice at least two weeks before the start of the competition-show - 30% of the cost.
The applicants were not given notice of refusal to participate in the competition given the return of the registration fee. The application is automatically disqualified.
In the case of a large number of applications the organizing Committee can extend the days of the competition. Each participant will be informed about the schedule of the competition program in advance.
     3.17. Registration.
Registration is required for all the participants. Participants must provide the documents with photo (birth certificate, passport, ID card etc.). Copies of these documents must be certified by the head of dance group.
Changes (addition or replacement of dancers) in "Solo" and "Small groups” nominations after registration means double increasing of the arrangement fee. 
Changes of the composition name, number of members in dance groups are allowed.
Age of dancers (participants) can be verified by the jury.
    4. Organizing committee 
4.1. The Organizing Committee arranges the order of participants' performance in nominations and genres. Information on the performance order will be provided to each participant in advance (approximately 2-3 days before the competition).
4.2. The Organizing Committee does not take part in discussion of the dance composition by jury members.
4.3. The Organizing Committee has the right to audio and video recordings of the competition performances of participants and use of these materials for advertising, information, methodological purposes.
4.4. The right to resolve issues in dispute of the competition belongs to the chairman of the organizing committee. Issues in dispute are considered by the organizing committee upon an application. Terms for consideration of issues for up to 1 month.
4.5. Director of the Contest Larisa Fyodorovna Gorbunova (Tel.: +7-952-939-05-14) 

For calls from Europe our new phone number. Please use the message according to whatsapp.

 4 915 7508 325 38
To get news or more information please visit our website:

The application form for participation in the competition filled in English or Russian language
 - Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months. after the end date of stay + 1 copy of the 1st page,
 - 1 color photo of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm (on white background, close person ),

 -  photocopy of birth certificate, original SVID-VA to carry on a trip
-  personal data (residence, name of parents, maiden name of mother, place of study ),
- photocopy of notarized permission from both parents for group leader to travel abroad.

 - copies of documents, if necessary (change the names of the parents confirming the relationship certificate from the registry office about a single mother, court decision on deprivation of birth. rights, etc.)
 - for students of day form of education – a copy of student card and original certificate from University.
/Please, don'T submit to the office the originals of the documents required for visa application, only COPIES.

The original permit and birth certificate need to have for crossing the border! 
For a fee, provides a variety of tours.
 The application is guaranteed by Deposit of 50 % of the total cost

The approximate cost for the package is 350 €
Applications in prescribed form for participation in the festival can be sent: - by email: liskusstvoira@mail.ru
marked "Application for the festival of the New World",